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Fan Comics

नमस्ते! पिछले कुछ वर्षों में लेखकों और कलाकारों के कुछ समूह मिलकर फैन कॉमिक्स और अपने रचे किरदारों पर कॉमिक्स बना रहे हैं। यूएफसी (Ultimate Fans of Comics-UFC), एफएमसी (FAN MADE COMICS-Junoon Never Die), कॉमिक्स ऑर पेशन (Comics Our Passion【COP】), ICUFC comics आदि पर युवा मित्र निरंतर किसी ना किसी आईडिया, आर्ट पर बात कर रहे होते हैं। व्हाट्सप्प पर जाने कितने आईडिया पर ब्रैनस्टोर्मिंग चलती रहती है। यहाँ दो श्रेणियों की कॉमिक हैं एक एडिटेड कॉमिक्स जिनमे पूर्व प्रकाशित पैनल और आर्टवर्क को कहानी के अनुसार एडिट किया गया है, दूसरी में नए कलाकारों, लेखकों द्वारा बनाई गयी कॉमिक्स।
कई बार आपके नोटिफिकेशन में इन ग्रुप्स पर हुई पोस्ट वाली अपडेट दिखती होगी, उसे नज़रअंदाज़ करने की आदत ना डालें। आप सभी से निवेदन है कि कभी-कभार इन ग्रुप्स, कलाकारों की वाल चेक करें और इनके काम, कॉमिक्स को पढ़कर, डाउनलोड कर अपनी राय व प्रोत्साहन देते रहें। #fancomics #fanwork #indie #fmc #ufc #icufc #cop

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Interview: Cosplayer, Artist Raj Pathare

Originally published - ComicsReel Website
Tell us something about yourself.
Hi, this is Raj Pathare. You can find me as Webhead Cosplays on Facebook & Instagram. I am an Architecture student as well as a Professional Graffiti artist.
When and how did you start cosplaying?
I started cosplaying back in 2014. I had seen some pictures from MFCC 2013 which my friends visited and I was truly amazed to see such cosplay, as I was into cartoons and comics since childhood. So my first cosplay was Doc OC from Spiderman 2. It took me around 1 month to complete and was totally low-cost cosplay but came out good and i won category award for my first cosplay. I also won in same category for same cosplay in 2015
What are the challenges that you face while cosplaying in India?
TRAVELING!!! Getting your props to con traveling by trains, especially when you stay far. Also people around look at you in a suspicious manner as if my swords are real or I am a retard, and you land up with silly questions, people don’t have an idea about cosplaying yet. When we explain that this is a cosplay or its my hobby, they ask so how much do they pay you for this! Some People think putting so much efforts in a costume that too as a hobby is waste of time! Where as some people appreciate it and get inspired.
What are some important things to consider while making props?
Prop making is fun but can be hectic at times too. Firstly you need to find materials. I usually find waste materials and try to use them in my cosplays. People appreciate when they spot those materials you used for detailing, for eg needle case, balm bottle caps, shoe laces, etc.
Besides cosplaying what other creative fields have you explored?
As i said i am graffiti artist and do it for living!! I started graffiti as a hobby 5 years back and now turned it into a profession. I have done many commercial projects such as Micromax advertisement. You can find my work at IIT Bombay (Techfest). I represent the  streets!!!
What is your favorite cosplays that you have done till now? 
Till now i have cosplayed- Doc Oc, Spidey, Deadpool, Prince of Persia, Fire Fist Ace, Vegeta.
But people gave amazing response to my Fire Fist Ace and Doc Oc. Fire Fist Ace is a great character from One Piece and so there were many one piece fans going crazy over my cosplay. Plus there was Monica Premkumar cosplaying Luffy with me which made it more catchy for one piece fans!

How can the cons and comics events can be further improved?
I feel cons should be provided with changing facilities for cosplayers. Also some lockers for them as you can see many cosplayers cosplaying as well as handling their bags and stuff!!! And also cosplayers should be given 30secs of performance time if they have something their mind.
Cosplay in India is growing and getting better! I have seen many good cosplayers since I have started, also I am a newbie and looking forward to pull out some kick ass cosplays.
What is an ideal location for cosplay shoots?
If you are looking for a location to shoot in Mumbai I will recommend Vasai Fort. Since it has many parts segregated and it is an old fort. Broken walls and arches gives good effects and add amazing background to your picture, also depends on your character. You can find pictures of my Prince of Persia shoot and Spidey shoot which was done at Vasai Fort.
Any tips for cosplay fans who are just starting up?
I always advise people to cosplay, especially the ones who ask me about cosplaying. You once try to visit a con and I am sure that you will be amazed and will have an urge to cosplay!!! Also cosplay for fun and to live your character, not for just winning. No doubt winning cosplays are great but when you cosplay your favorite character even though its simple, that feeling is different!!!
Interview by Mohit Sharma Trendster
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Saturday, 21 January 2017

2017- नए साल की नई उम्मीदों पर राज कॉमिक्स का पुनरोद्धार- संभव या असंभव!

राज कॉमिक्स ने  साल 2016 में सिर्फ 3 सेट निकाले..जो कि उसके अब तक के सफ़र में सबसे कम आंकड़ा है! इसमें सिर्फ 10 नई कॉमिक्स ही रिलीज़ करी गई और वो भी लम्बे समय का इंतज़ार करवाने के बाद!
इस कारण से कई बार यह अफवाह भी फैली कि कहीं राज कॉमिक्स बंद तो नहीं हो रही है! इन अफवाहों को ताकत तब और मिली जब राज कॉमिक्स ने अपने फेसबुक पेज पर पोस्ट करना तक बंद कर दिया!
यह अलग बात है कि राज वालों ने ना तो इन ख़बरों पर कभी पुरजोर खंडन किया और ना पूरी तरह से इन्हें नकारा!
व्यक्तिगत तौर पर कई बार सोशल मीडिया पर प्रोफेशनल अपनी अपनी जानकारी को सीमित संख्या में पाठकों से शेयर करते रहते हैं!
लेकिन सोशल मीडिया एक सीमित वर्ग के पाठकों तक ही जरूरी बातें पहुंचा सकता है! और राज कॉमिक्स अपनी इसी कमी की वज़ह से एक बड़े पाठक वर्ग से दूर हो चुकी है...जिसको रोज सोशल मीडिया पर भी एक राज कॉमिक्स का पेज ही जानकारी के लिए मिलता था!
बाजारों से महीनो तक राज कॉमिक्स गायब रहना और कोई खबर ना मिलना...यह सब एक कंपनी की सेहत को कितना नुक्सान दे सकता है, राज कॉमिक्स इसका एक उदाहरण है! जो कि आज सिर्फ अपने एक बंधे बंधाये सीमित पाठक संख्या के भरोसे किसी तरह चल रही है!

बहरहाल नोट्बंदी के बाद शायद अब नए साल में पाठकों को ज्यादा कॉमिक्स मिल सकें!
अगर आपने साल 2016 में आई कोई कॉमिक्स भूलवश ना खरीद पाएं हो तो आज ही इस साईट से आर्डर करें!

2016 में प्रकाशित कॉमिक्स-


Friday, 20 January 2017

Champions Corner #ICFA_2016

Mrinal Rai (Best Cartoonist, Indian Comics Fandom Awards 2016) - I am an independent artist working as a freelance artist for last six years. I have self-published two comic books, Tamas and Zikr and one text cum graphic novel, Kurukshetra Yuddh. I have also worked on freelancing illustration assignments for different companies. The latest project that I worked on was a board game based on Indian epic Mahabharata. Most of my own work will revolve around Indian history and its heritage. I am strong supporter of creating stories which are true to spirit of Indian values, even of they are inspired from a foreign work. I am currently working on one comic book (second one in my comic series - Zikr), one graphic novel and second volume of my novel Kurukshetra Yuddh. Besides, I am also working on many illustration projects. I am based out of Bangalore and can be reached out at or

You can see my work at:


Jazyl Homavazir (Best Webcomic - The Beast Legion) - Beast Legion is an award winning manga style fantasy adventure with an anthromorphic twist. Having won the Comic Con Awards in 2012, the Drunkduck  Best Anthro comic 2012 & now the ICFA 2016 Awards, the comic focuses on the journey of an exiled  Prince , Xeus who sets out to save his homeland from the tyranny of the Evil Lord Dragos & his Shadow Nexus.

 However before he sets of on his voyage he must first master the secrets of The Guardian Beast within him & tame it to unleash it’s full potential. Join Xeus as he makes new friends on the way & battles a Plethora of villains with their own Beast forms.  It’s a perfect mix of anime & 80s fantasy cartoons that have always inspired. Coombine that with Magical Beasts & we have a story that will surely entertain audiences everywhere.

The Comic has been  going on for 6 years now, with 12 chapter completed & free to read online at  & updates with a new page Every Tuesday. Alternatively Print versions of the comic are also available online. It’s a project that is more of a passion to get my story out to the world & hopefully some day pitch it as an Anime show. So I look forward to each & every one of your support. Help me turn Beast Legion in to something even bigger than what it already is. Thank you for voting for my work & I hope your support continues for years to come.

Upcoming Issue - Beast Legion #15

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Cosplayer Azam Sebastian (Mumbai) Interview

Azam Cosplaying as Forsaken Jayce from League of Legends

Tell us something about yourself.
Hi, My name is Azam Sebastian and I have been part of the cosplay community for the past decade..oh and I am an engineer by profession.

How did you got interested in cosplaying?
Actually I always wanted to cosplay…I used to dress up at home using the stuffs I had but I did my first proper cosplay at Animatsuri 2015.

What are the challenges that you face while cosplaying in India?
Well not a lot of people know what cosplay is…to give them an idea you have to explain its fancy dress competition you did when you were a kid..and because its not well known its really hard to find the materials required to put up a cosplay.

What cosplayers inspire you?
I do look upto a lot of people but there are only few that really inspired me.

1) Thomas DePetrillo (You can see his hulkbuster pictures all around the world).
2) Kenny Cosplay & Stuff (This guy is legend in making cosplays specially from League [my favourite game])
3) Jeet JM Molankar – This guy is remarkable and truly an inspiration of how he manages to work and put up amazing cosplays with limites resources.

What are some important things to consider while cosplaying?
You have to have a lot of things into consideration but your safety is the most important thing and also read the instructions before using the tool for making the props. Basic thing about cosplay is how well are you performing as your character’s behaviour and your efforts you put into cosplay, later comes the perfection.

How do you see the future of cosplaying in India?
I see a great future for cosplay in India. Its progressing at a good rate and the number of competitions have increased on a fair scale too. The reason we see very less cosplays in Indian events is mainly because not a lot of people are aware of it and even they are they don’t interest in it unless its already in trend.

Any tips for cosplay fans who are just starting up?
Go for it. Cosplay for the love of your character not for perfection. Perfection comes with practice and experience. But the most important thing when you cosplay is to have fun cosplaying the character you love.

Saturday, 5 November 2016


1. NIFT graduate Nandan Purkayashtha draws magical stories — using a ballpoint pen and watercolours — that are influenced by Indian folklore and western comics.

2. Aakash #1 - Clash with the Legion of Darkness (Cinemics)

Saturday, 15 October 2016

ICUFC October 2016 Update

Delhi Artist (Rajkamal Aich) Simplifies Story Of Durga And Mahishasur For Kids In Adorable Series (Mythology Simplified)

Cover: Champak, October 2016 (I)
Shaktimaan Collection (Box Set) Diamond Comics